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Education Goal
To cooperate on the national information industry upgrade, we have special training programs for the information technology professions for participating in the national economy development and promote the information related industry of the country. We offer a channel for the students from commercial schools to pursue further education and perpetual learning. We combine the resources of each area in our school, balance the area development, and cultivate the local profession.
Education Features
The core subjects of our course design are mathematics and information theory, along with knowledge of computer software and hardware. The final goal is to complete the education for each information technical professions which are conversant with and capable of developing multiple information application systems and internet application technologies. In the meantime, to enhance students!| research capabilities of practice project, each student has to take the seminar course for one year before graduation.
Each professor has a PhD in the computer science related field. Research fields include software engineering, computer networks, natural language processing, computer graphics, data mining, multimedia techniques and applications, etc.
Graduate Prospect
The graduates have huge job opportunities. Not only the software developers or hardware equipment producers, but also those enterprises whoever needs information technique service or production assistance will need the information technology professions to join. The positions will mainly be database programmers, network engineers, system maintenance engineers, MIS engineers, software engineers, etc.